Shout out to the Social City crew who went out to support the Barbell For Boobs event on Saturday!

Here is a comment from the owner of CF Raw Appeal:


This month we are changing up #SOCIALMANIA and trying out #SOCIALSUNDAYS! With the beautiful weather we are having, invite your friends to try out a complimentary park workout with us.

Willows Park
2775 Desert Marigold Ln.
9a – Sundays

Other events for October include:
1. #BLACKTOBER where ALL Social City athletes are encouraged to wear ALL black to workouts for the month.
2. Oct. 8th is Apollo Games – We have 2 teams competing. Team #1: Matt Kneeland + Dom. Team #2: John + Chelsea.
3. Oct. 15th is Festivus Games.

WODs For The Week:


Mon – 6:30a/9a/Noon/4:30p KIDS ONLY/5:30p/6:30p
Tues – 6:30a/9a/Noon/4p/5:30p/6:30p
Wed – 6:30a/9a/Noon/4:30p KIDS ONLY/5:30p/6:30p
Thurs – 6:30a/9a/Noon/4p/5:30p/6:30p
Fri – 9a/Noon/4:30p KIDS ONLY/5:30p
Sat – 9a Team WOD – Followed by Apollo Games
Sun – 9a Park WOD (Willows Park – 2775 Desert Marigold Ln.)


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