Praying for our city for this senseless tragedy and for our law enforcement + first responders.
Love you all <3

Do we have any Scaled team 1 male+ 1 female (2 person Co-ed) athletes that would like to “participate” at Apollo Games Oct. 14th??
Info here:
These locals events are a great time to get out in the community and represent Social City. Don’t think of it as a competition more than you would think of doing a normal team Saturday WOD + extra credit.

Nothing feels worse as a gym owner than when these events pop up and the organizers reach out to me and ask, “why wasn’t anyone from Social City there??” We HAVE to get out and show support to these events. Otherwise, when we throw events they will not be there to support us.

I am asking you all to PLEASE consider participating in these events. Shoot over a message if you have any questions on the WODs/movements. Here are a couple WODs released from the Apollo Games:

There will be NO 4p class and NO CrossFit Kids class for the month of October.

WODs For The Week:

Mon – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p/6:30p
Tues – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p/6:30p
Wed – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p/6:30p
Thurs – 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p/6:30p
Fri – 6a/9a/Noon/5:30p
Sat – 9a Partner WOD
Sun – 9a WOD


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