I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 5 years now and it is still just as exciting as it was the first day I tried it. I still get anxiety and normally have to nervous pee before the WOD. The morning of competitions I feel nauseous, butterflies in my stomach and come close to puking on the drive to the event.

One thing that keeps me engaged and coming back is that the PROGRESS is MEASURABLE. I love the feeling of hitting a PR on a lift even if it is only 2-5 pounds or running/rowing 2-5 seconds faster. There are not many other fitness avenues that track and measure progress in as many areas of fitness that CrossFit does.

Prior to CrossFit I avoided any and all leg workouts. Just wanted to share what I used to be able to 1RM Squat 4 years ago:
Overhead Squat = 165#
Front Squat = 225#
Back Squat = 245#
OHS = 245#
Front Squat = 300#
Back Squat = 315# +

With that being said, celebrate your progress and PR’s regardless of how small they may seem.


– WOD for 06Oct2015 –
– 12 mins to find 1RM Hang Power Clean
– 5 ITR (Individual Timed Rounds)
– 5 Hang Power Cleans @ 60% of 1RM
– 10 Air Squats
– 20 Double Unders / 10 Attempts (No Singles)

::Extra Credit::
– OTM for 10 min: 3 Muscle-Ups / 3 Jumping Muscle-Ups

Classes at 6:30a/9a/Noon/4p/5:30p/6:30p


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