To everyone who is planning to workout Saturday morning, we are looking to do a little in house fun competition!

There will be 3 WODs. For each WOD everyone will write down their favorite and put it in a hat. We will pull from the hat and perform that movement/workout.

WOD #1 – Strength: You will write down your favorite lift and we will have 10 mins to establish a 1RM.

WOD #2 – Skill: Can be anything skill related such as 1 min max Double Unders, Max HS Walk/HSPU, Muscle-Ups, Pull-Ups or maybe even Airdyne or Run.

WOD #3 – Short WOD: Something like a 10 min AMRAP or 21-15-9. “Fran”, “Grace”, 10 min AMRAP of “Cindy”.

We will have a Scaled and RX division. We will split into heats of 2 so that one partner can work and the other can count/judge. This will probably take a good 90 minutes to complete.

Anyone interested???


– WOD for 03Sep2015 –
– 5×2 Front Pause Squats (5 Second Hold at Bottom)
– 150 Wall Balls For Time (20#/14#)

::Extra Credit::
– 2x800m Runs

Classes at 6:30a/9a/Noon/4p/5:30p/6:30p


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