Can’t believe it’s October already. It’s been tradition that we call October, “Blacktober”. That is where the team wears ALL BLACK or as much black as you can to all workouts.

Festivus Games is also right around the corner. This competition is designed for new CrossFitters or beginners who would can’t quite compete at the Scaled/RX level but would to showcase their hard work.

WODs and Info here:


October 1st-7th will be our “test out” week. If you are looking for new 1RM’s please make it to as many WODs as you can.

Our Strength cycle for October will look like the following:
– Mondays – Skills. Such as Pull-Ups/Kipping/HS/HSPU
– Tuesdays – Cleans
– Wednesdays – Back Squat
– Thursdays – Snatch
– Fridays – Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk
– Saturdays – Clean & Jerk
– Sundays – Front Squats

– WOD for 01Oct2015 –
– 15 mins to find 1RM Snatch
– 75 Power Snatches for time (75#/55#)

::Extra Credit::
– 1000m Row

Classes at 6:30a/9a/Noon/4p/5:30p/6:30p


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