Congrats to everyone who competed Saturday at Festivus Games. SO proud of you all for your hard work.
– Ivan took 1st place in the Novice division and was the youngest male competitor.
– Jason took 3rd in the Intermediate division and in the final workout had the FASTEST time across the nation, (over 1000 competitors) finishing 20 Thrusters + 20 KBS in :56 seconds.
– Parker landed in the Top 5 and pulled for 31 calories on the rower in 1 minute after WOD 1.
– Devyn took 8th in the Women’s Novice division out of 30 and had an awesome 3rd place finish in WOD 1.
– Dianna was 23rd out of 30 and performed 48 Back Squats in 2 mins on the floater WOD.
– Katy was 24th out of 30 and scored an amazing 65 reps on WOD 1.

Way to represent.


– WOD for 19Oct2015 –
– 5×5 Strict/Kip/Butterfly Pull-Up
– 30 American KBS (53#/35#)
– 20 Pull-Ups
– 400m Run

::Extra Credit::
– 5×10 Hollow Rocks

Classes at 6:30a/9a/Noon/5:30p Kids & Adults/6:30p


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