Happy Birthday to Katy Gonzalez AKA “Kat Ninja”. I will be getting a calendar to keep at the gym so that I can stay on top of Birthdays and Birthday WODs. I apologize for slacking in that department.

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– Festivus Games will be going down this Saturday at CrossFit New You and we have 7 members competing. It is MANDATORY that you make it out to show some support regardless of how long you stay for. We may workout as individuals but we train and support one another as a community. Social City baby!

– Sunday we will making the AIDs walk our WOD. You can bring the kiddos, pups and family members out for this 5K walk. Join the CrossFit Social City team. More info/registration here:

WOD for 15Apr2015 (Tax deadline)
“Cardio Wednesday”
For Time: “Cardio Killer”
courtesy of CF ATP
– 800m Run
– 50 UB Double Unders / 100 UB Singles
– 10 Box Jumps / Step-Ups
– 40 UB DU’s
– 20 Box Jumps
– 30 UB DU’s
– 30 Box Jumps
– 20 UB DU’s
– 40 Box Jumps
– 10 UB DU’s
– 50 Box Jumps
– 800m Run

Classes at 9a/Noon/5:30p Kids & Adults/6:30p


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