So I was at workout #9 today on 5×5 back squats which was a lighter load than workout #8 and struggled after 2 reps, in which I had to re-rack the bar. Some days are just better than others and there are multiple factors that can determine the outcome of your workouts. Rest, Nutrition, Stress and overall recovery. The goal here is progression in a safe manner regardless of how big or small.

Coaching is a passion for me and the biggest reward is the progress you all have made. We may workout as individuals but we train as a community. What some of you may not realize is how hard coaching can be at times. You must stay quick on your toes, alert at all times and must be able to adapt and overcome any and all obstacles. Not all classes run smooth. There are some days I get home and think to myself, “Man, that was a terribly coached class.” The key is to continue to grow as a coach with better cues and technique all while keeping the same fun and exciting environment that Social City holds as a gym.

The coaches are here for you all if you ever have questions and we are more than willing to come in before or stay after and help with any movements you may be struggling with or don’t understand. When entering the gym please leave your egos at the door. CrossFit is humbling for everyone (including myself). Your goal should be to aim for progression, not perfection.

I <3 you all! [embed][/embed] - WOD for 13May2015 - 83665d16b94308d1957abbe9746ab2b4

Classes at 9a/Noon/5:30p Kids & Adults/6:30p


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