Hey Socialites,

Hope this finds you all well and healthy.  I wanted to reach out and give you all an update since I know not all of us are on social media.  First I want to start by thanking all of you for your endless support and positivity as we face this ever changing challenge with mandated shut downs for small businesses.  I wanted to keep you all up to date with the steps we are taking to support you and your fitness as we are in self quarantine and what options you have to stay on your fitness grind.

Home Work Outs- We are programming home workouts daily in SugarWOD that are body weight focused and can be modified as needed with minimal equipment.  We have daily videos that are recorded and posted to both social and our YouTube to help guide you through your options and modifications.  These are posted around 7pm nightly.  Love seeing everyone logging scores into SugarWOD to keep us all accountable and connected during this time.

Social City YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-aVsLu1Q4BzMAOIsj5YHg

Equipment Rental-  We are offering to loan/rent out some essential equipment to help support your at home work outs.  This could be anything from a DB, KB or weighted plate or jump rope.  We are programming around these items to keep the work outs challenging and fun.  These items (DB,KB & Jump Ropes) will be loaned out at no additional cost.  Should you have interest in renting a larger package of equipment we will rent out a rower or bike for $100 or a Barbell and Plate Package for $100.  These packages are limited due to equipment constraints so please let us know ASAP if there is interest on your end. 

LIVE Free ZOOM Classes-  We are running Free Live ZOOM classes online to try and keep a sense of connection and community.  They have been incredibly fun and uplifting see Socialites faces and still getting our sweat on together.  These classes run at 6am/9am/Noon every day Mon-Fri and a 9am on Sat.  To join simply download the ZOOM app on your smart phone or go to the ZOOM website www.zoom.com –> Join a Meeting –> and enter below meeting ID.  This ID will remain the same for every LIVE class.  Feel free to share with others as this is a platform we are doing to support the over all community during a time of isolation.  You can also find Meeting ID number in SugarWOD for reference.
Enter ID: 817-821-9390

Social City Spotify PlayList:  Coach Ricky and the team have collaborated and put together a Spotify playlist to keep us all motivated and connected so we can all sweat to the same music.  You can thank Coach Dan for some of the gangsta songs much  to Ricky’s dismay.  Feel free to add to this playlist as well!!

Social City WOD Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/58HpQdhkjfLkH9jkVwPR80?si=n2Ty9JtLQ1ukWQEL1OM2tw

Social City Strength Playlist: ttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/0Nml2oPXIB8QEgFSuvTYVT?si=JxXxTgKYTXusFmh-bFNeIw

Social Media:  Continue to tag us in any and all work outs that you are doing at home or with your families.  We can’t stress it enough how much it helps keep everyone motivated and connected during this time.  We love you all and have greatly missed seeing those smiling faces in person.  Soon enough this will be over and we can get back to being a Social City Family in person and not just through technology.  
Again, the team and I can not thank you all enough for your incredible support.  This has been a devastating blow to many small businesses all over the valley which is going to force them to close their doors forever.  We are humbled and endlessly grateful for the incredible loyalty and support we have received from our Socialites.  Please feel free to reach out with anything we can support you all with as well!  We are here for you all. 


Omar & The Social City Coaches
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