Tonight the Governor mandated that all gyms close as of noon Wednesday 03/18 😭. There will be classes at 5a/6:30a/8a/9a and closed after that.

Heartbreaking news for us all but is the right thing to do to help prevent the spread of this virus. This week I was definitely having a hard time with the idea of having to close the gym. Tonight I am excited for the new challenges we are faced with. This is where I thrive. I perform best under pressure and couldn’t possibly think of a better team of coaches who can help me lead the charge amongst these obstacles.

We will be updating programming to follow the at home workouts that we’ve already started. There will be different versions to include no, some or all equipment (for those with a full garage setups).

Tomorrow we will launch our first LIVE zoom conference workout at Noon as a test.
Link below:

Our hope is that this will allow for our community to thrive and stay connected during this time. We will be set to launch our LIVE online schedule with all of our coaches tomorrow and will adjust as needed.

Stay tuned for more details as we will look to renting out some minimal equipment over the next couple days by appt.

We love you guys.

Hopefully we can continue to
Workout (at home). Hang Out (at home). Be Social (from a distance). 🤣

Arm circle it out 👏🏾👏🏾

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