CrossFit Social City offers group classes seven days per week at various times to accommodate your schedule. These classes are one hour in duration and feature a Workout of the Day (WOD). Class structure is variable but a typical class will include:

General Warmup

Warm-up includes specific dynamic movements and mobility exercises led by the coach to prepare your body for the programmed WOD. During this time, we check in with each athlete to identify injuries or modifications that will need to be addressed for the workout.

Workout-Specific Strength or Skill

Review and practice of skills to be incorporated in the workout. This is a crucial component of the class as we use this time to make sure every athlete is proficient in the movements for the workout or has an appropriate scaled option. We also provide guidance and coaching on determining safe, yet appropriately challenging loads for strength components.

Daily WOD

Once everyone is dialed in, it’s GO TIME. The coaching doesn’t stop here though. We are right there with you from the first rep until every athlete is finished. You do the work; we provide the cues, coaching, and encouragement to keep you safe and giving 100% to your workout.

Cool Down and Mobility

Don’t think we are going to send you back to your desk all sweaty and shaky. Well, maybe we are, but not until we’ve rolled, stretched, or mobilized the specific parts of your body that we just taxed. We will check in with each athlete to see how the workout went and record loads and scores.

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Functional Movement

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