Are You Tough Enough?


So Tough Mudder is finally here! Time to put all of your dedicated hours, brutal training, hikes and mental toughness to the test! You are as ready as you’ll ever be. I honestly think you guys will fly through this with ease (excluding swimming for myself and the Berlin Walls for others). But I am worried that some will develop such high levels of stress and anxiety that you will forget to enjoy this event and time shared with the CFF Fam-Bam. Here are some things in preparation to remember and helpful tips to make this Tough Mudder event great:


  • Breathe and Relax
  • Have a safe and fun travel
  • If you’re driving, make sure you’re well rested and have a road dog or 2
  • KARAOKE/Sing-a-Long on the drive is a must!
  • Hydrate and plenty of nutrition (particularly carbs for sustained energy during the race)
  • Lots of photos/vids, check-ins, post, tagging, poking on
  • Double check luggage for gear, gloves, socks, undies, swim gear for hot tubbing afterwards
  • Print your Tough Mudder registration!
  • Bring money for lodging and shirts. If you’re staying in the “Real World” house you must pay Frank T. $60 or you do not pass GO. $25 for shirts that I made for all. (Hopefully I guessed right size)
  • Wear your own gear during the race and we will change into CFF threads after.


In the wise words of Jenny Brinkman, all you have to do is “Just Show Up!”

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  1. Aubi January 13, 2012 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Don’t forget to also bring a set of clothes to change into AFTER the race that are dry and comfy as we have a long haul back to the house 🙂 -Aubs

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