I’ve recently had a handful of people who continue to ask what exactly does FFUKW mean.

“I know its Fit Force something but can’t figure out the rest.”

“It looks like FUK.”

“I always see FFUKW on FB.”

“I’ve seen someone with a FFUKW liscense plate.” (coming soon)


So let me break down the story of where it all started, where it stands currently and where its going in the future.

It first started at the end of our very first Camp Fit-Force session at Willows Park. Although we’re not a sports team we wanted to end the workout with a huddle and a team break. The intention was to commend those who completed the workout, share any news or upcoming events, open forum for any questions/comments and to leave on a positive note feeling like you’ve worked with a team FORCE and not just individually.

“Fit-Force on 3 guys, Fit-Force on 3!  1. . .2. . .3. . .FIT-FORCE!”

Around 6 months later during a Wednesday evening session we had been sharing the park and working out through and between groups of teenage football leagues for the season. Let me say that these guys are kings of the team huddles and breaks. It soon became an undercover battle to see if we could trump the volume of their breaks. We heard one of the teams break end with “You KNOW!” So jokingly for the night we ended with,

“Fit-Force You Know on 3!  1. . .2. . .3. . .FIT-FORCE YOU KNOW!”


It actually sounded pretty badass and it stuck from there on. (Will explain later how the “Y” in You became just a “U”)

Another 4 months had gone by before CFF veteran and beast Nick Constantin decided to one night to say “Woot” at the end of the break so from there on it became, “Fit Force You Know. . .Woot!” For Facebook and apparel reasons FFUKW just looked more aesthetically pleasing than FFYKW.

So now, whenever you see or post FFUKW anywhere you’ll know the meaning behind and where it all started from. It is more than just a sign off for fitness talk but more of an open invite for all fitness modalities. Most members at gyms workout in their own bubble with their Beats by Dre headphones either arrogant, intimidated or friendly and willing to help others. The goal for FFUKW in the future is to make it common for people of any background or future fitness goals to welcome each other whether they’re training for a marathon, figure competition, Tough Mudder or just aiming to live a more healthy active lifestyle. We all have one common goal and its to be more healthy and more fit than we were yesterday. So lets do this together as one big Fit-Force!

Say it with me on 3!

1. . .2. . .3. . .Fit-Force U Know Woot!

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