. . .Female winner of the 10 week SummerBodyChallenge is Desiree RaneyFor those that have witnessed Desi’s performance and progression this year know that her 1st place in the challenge is well deserved.

Desi lost a whopping 14 lbs in 10 weeks dropping her body fat by %7 while gaining lean muscle in the process.

Way to go Desi! You are an inspiration to us all!

The winner for the males goes to. . .Burger Connoisseur and founder of the Vegas Burger Blog Mr. Erik Chudy!

Erik came out to Camp Fit-Force completely new to fitness never working out a day in his life.

He started off the SummerBodyChallenge weighing in at 163 lbs and 21% Body Fat.

He finished off the Challenge after 10 weeks at 147lb and 17% Body Fat.

His hard work and dedication has definitely paid off. 16lbs lost and lowering your Body fat by 4% in 10 weeks is something to be proud of Chudy! 

Don’t forget he still managed to consume a burger a week to keep his blog updated. Be sure to check it out here: http://www.vegasburgerblog.com/

They will both receive $50 CASH, 1 Month Unlimited Access to The Compound and Camp Fit-Force and the newest CFF threads!

Congrats you two!

“High-5 Friday” O-Fit WOD for 18May2012:


– (6) 5-10 Yard Suicide Shuffle

– 20 Barbell Lunges

– 20 Hand Release Pushups

6:30am Class!


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