So I decided to do a few post showing some CFF team members progress.

This is Charlene Harrison. Some of you may have seen her in passing but the majority of you have probably never met her.

Char started training with me nearly 2 years ago and came from a non-active, sedentary, party type lifestyle. Now she has dedicated herself to a strict 3 training sessions + cardio prior to or after and doing her own workouts another 3 days/week. From ZERO activity to 6 days/week. Needless to say it has now become a lifestyle for Charlene. I would be willing to say that somewhere deep down inside she enjoys it a little (or at least the progress).

Obviously nutrition plays a major role in this process and Char eats very clean and is strict with her portion control. Measuring food portions to 3oz. of protein, 1-2 cups of vegetables (nutrient dense carbs) and a small source of healthy fat such as avocado, almonds or maybe just a teaspoon of peanut butter.

This goes to show that with proper resistance/cardio programming, healthy eating, a motivated positive mindset and a little accountability/assistance will get results. It may take some time. Be patient and remember that PROGRESSION IS THE KEY!


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