Better believe the coaches at CFF practice what they preach! Colby and I gave yesterdays WOD a go and let me say it was definitely harder than it looked in writing. The combination a doing 20 wall balls which roast your legs followed by 15 box jumps (mental challenge) and finishing with 20 double unders is a brutal combo!

My fastest round was 1:17 then Colby pulled a couple 1:15 rounds but then in the night class Miss Aubi finished a round in 1:08 which I’m still having a hard time dissecting how one can move so fast. Not to mention she also used a 16# med ball. Give credit where its due, the girl is a BEAST!

Check out Colby in action!




Spent yesterday programming WODs for February and to give you guys a heads up there will be some good skill work to look forward to. Expect movements such as:

– Handstands holds/walks/taps

– L-Sits, Kips/Kipping/Butterfly Pullups

– Pistols

– Levers/Ice Cream Makers

– Double Unders Double Unders Double Unders

– Muscle Ups/Progressions

-Turkish Get-Ups


6:30pm Class is back tomorrow so I better see some faces!



O-Fit WOD for 31Jan2013:


For Time::

– 100 Pullups

– 100 Pushups

– 100 Situps

– 100 Squats

*Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next*


1st Class – 6:30am w/Coach Colby

2nd Class – 5:30pm w/Coach Omar

3rd Class – 6:30pm w/Coach Omar



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