Thanks to everyone who participated and stopped by for the 24 Hour/24 WODs Fight Against Breast Cancer event this past weekend. We raised $194 that was donated to The Love You Share organization

It was definitely a strong mental and physical challenge. Had a fun time and the overall experience was great! Played some mini-golf, brought “Sally Up” and partied just a little in between WODs. Big shout out to Chris & Rachel for surviving ALL 24 workouts with me. Looking forward to it next year.



– 6 Week Squat Challenge –

Begins Oct 29th – Ends Dec 5th

The 20-Rep max program is the “brutal path to massive gains.” I have to say that the 20RM gives me mad anxiety and I get puking butterflies that float around in my stomach beforehand.

We will perform Back Squats 2x’s/week (Tues/Thurs) and the goal is to increase the weight (if successful on the previous workout) by 5#’s. If you miss a day you better find your way to get in early to knock this out or find yourself a barbell and weights to complete this on your own.

Couple of ways to determine your starting weight:

1. We’ve done 20RM B. Squats twice already so just keep going with the load you’re at.

2. Use 60% of your 1RM as your starting load.

3. Establish or use your current 5RM B.Squat and subtract 60#’s. This mean that in 6 weeks, 2x’s/week and increasing by 5#’s that your old 5RM will become your new 20RM.

Not only will this be a great physical challenge but this will test your mental toughness. So please be prepared!

– O-Fit WOD for 29Oct2013 –


– 4 Rounds –

– 10 Unbroken Push Press + Behind the Neck Push Press (135#/95#)

– 20 (2 count) Flutter Kicks

– 1 min rest


– 20RM Back Squat

1st Class – 6:30am

2nd Class – Noon

3rd Class – 5:30pm

4th Class – 6:30pm


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