Had an awesome MLK WOD this morning with special visit from Rodrigo Ortiz AKA “Funning”. He’s pretty much an instagram celeb recognizing those in the fitness game for their awesomeness. So make sure to follow him @Funning and Hashtag #funning¬† and/or #liveultimate in any photos fitness related or especially having to do with mud runs such as the Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, 5/10/20/100K’s or whatever the hell else you guys run.


CFF crew MLK

Also, don’t forget if you guys have some free time tomorrow show some support and swing by Whole Foods, Town Square at 6pm (There will still be night classes tomorrow). Myself and Tijerina Paul from ATAVIST Nutrition will be speaking and giving an intro on “Rediscovering How We Were Meant To Eat” and combining that with CFF for an unstoppable 1-2 punch leading you to optimal health!


O-Fit WOD for 22Jan2013


12 mins to work up to a heavy Snatch 1RM


10 min AMRAP::

– 100 Double Under “Buy In” (Only performed once) or 200 Singles


– 5 Power Snatch (95/65)

– 10 Barbell Lunges (95/65)

– 5 OHS (95/65)

1st Class – 6:30am w/Coach Colby

2nd Class – 5:30pm w/Coach Josh

3rd Class – 6:30pm w/Coach Josh


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