CFF team, friends and family:
This is a repost directly from Will Brown‘s Facebook page.
Lets make an impact and show how big of a heart the CFF team has!
Please “like” this page —–>
“On that page you can:1. make a donation; or
2. more importantly, take a picture of yourself, individually or with friends and family making the “heart” sign with your hands and post it to the page (I’ve attached my own pic as an example); please provide your name(s), city, and state.

All funds (minus paypal fees) will be given to Sandy to distribute to an organization(s) of her choosing, in her daughter’s memory. We will be putting all of the pictures together in some format and presenting them to Sandy to show our collective love, sympathy, and support. Please invite your friends to submit their pictures as well. Imagine presenting Sandy 1,000 pictures of friends, old and new, and people she has never met.

Just imagine.”

Don’t forget about NinjaWOD tomorrow night at 6:45pm – We have an awesome Ninja obstacle programmed!
Also, we are shooting to do our annual “12 Days of Christmas” WOD on Christmas Eve – 24Dec2012 – at maybe 9am or so.
25Dec2012 – OFF
26Dec2012 – Wednesday at 7pm – The Compound
27Dec-29Dec – OFF
30Dec2012 – Sunday at 9am – Willows Park
31Dec2012 – New Years Eve TBD
Normal Schedule will resume on 02Jan2013
I will post some WODs for you guys to do on our OFF days, don’t fret!
O-Fit WOD for 20Dec2012:
– Accumulate 2mins of an isometric pull-up hold (chin over bar. 1 min must be normal pronated grip, 1 min any grip)
*8 min cap off*
– 1 Front Squat every 30 secs for 2mins (5 reps total) Heavy
– 2 min max Bar Over Burpees
*1 min REST*
– 4 min AMRAP
– 10 Power Cleans
-10 BB Lunges
*1 min REST*
– 2 min max Burpees
1st Class – 6:30am
2nd Class – 5:30pm
3rd Class – 6:45pm *NinjaWOD*
Another CFF trailer video from your coaches!
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