Saw some great L-Sits yesterday!

True Midline Stabilization.

The midline is the entire spine, and its stability is dependent not just on the core, but also on all the prime movers of the body, including the hip, glutes, and hamstrings. Excessive tightness in any of the prime movers will affect the core muscles, often resulting in low back pain.

Captured a great photo of the BombHair crew!
Before I post the WOD for tomorrow, we will be having our first tester “NinjaYoga” WOD class at 6:45pm.
Class will be taught be the infamous Ninja himself Tristan Jih.
This class will be more of a recovery/rehab/mobility session. We will get to work on hip and shoulder mobility and tie in some movements that directly correlate such as possible handstands, pistols, cartwheels, tucks, flips, kips and other gymnastic movements. The last 10 mins will be a short, non strenuous WOD.
Please attend if you are available. Attendance will dictate the class being implemented into the CFF schedule.
O-Fit WOD for 15Nov2012:
– Turkish Get-Ups
– 10×5 (5 on each arm/ 1 min rest)
– Tabata Toes To Bar (20 seconds of work – 10 seconds rest x 8 sets) total reps
РTabata Double Unders (20 seconds of work Р10 seconds rest x 8 sets) total reps
1st Class – 6:30am
2nd Class – 5:30pm
3rd Class – 6:45pm (NinjaYoga WOD by Tristan)
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