Its finally starting to cool down outside at night. So the plan is to keep Sunday CFF at 9am at Willows Park but bring Mon/Wed evening indoors to The Compound still at 7pm.

There are also classes that go on Monday mornings at 9am and Wednesdays at 8am so feel free to join the BOMBHAIR girls for a BOMB workout! They go HAM!


Had a great turnout tonight and put the team through a killer BOSU and Straps workout. I want you guys to be well rounded  so this combination of doing exercises in unstable environments is gonna take your training to the next level!

Don’t forget the CFF Christmas Bash is going down this Saturday! We will try to save the gift exchange and award ceremony til later when we start karaoke. So make it as soon as you can. Should be an awesome night! Check out the FB event invite here ————->

O-Fit WOD for 13Dec2012:

Skills:: Handstand/Handstand Shoulder taps – accumulate 3 mins total upside down

– 60-90sec Rest

– then 10 HS shoulder taps x3


– 1 min AMRAP HSPU

– 1 min AMRAP Wall Balls

– 1 min AMRAP lateral hops

*Rest 1 min*

– 2 min AMRAP HSPU

– 2 min AMRAP Wall Balls

– 2 min AMRAP lateral hops

*Rest 2 min*

– 400m sprint (Max Effort)

1st Class – 6:30am

2nd Class – 5:30pm

3rd Class – 6:45pm *Ninja WOD*


Played around with a little CFF trailer today and this is what I came up with!

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