No matter the challenges and obstacles in front of me “I Keep Going”.

I was doing my lifting today and really just wasn’t feeling it. Shoulders were tight, Knees felt achy and I just didn’t feel 100%. I was thinking of every reason to just stop working out but after watching this video this morning “I Kept Going”.

[vimeo w=500&h=281]

I Keep Going. 2013 OC Throwdown from Tony and Max – Video Production on Vimeo.

The CFF Christmas Bash is THIS Saturday! Flannel/Plaid is highly encouraged! We will also be doing a “White Elephant” gift exchange ($30 limit)! Please check out the FB event invite here —->


O-Fit WOD for 11DEC2012:


15mins to find 1RM Snatch


-Every minute OTM-

– 3 Deadlifts (65% 1RM)

– 1 Burpee (Death By)

*Add one burpee to every round until you can’t complete allotted number of burpees within the minute*

1st Class – 6:30am

2nd Class – 5:30pm

3rd Class – 6:30pm



“Look Ma’ No Hands!”

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