So proud of the numbers and times that have been put up lately especially because the quality and range of motion during the exercises have been great. Always room for improvement but everyone is moving well.

We have some beast at CFF but one person that I’m super proud of is Aubi Mchie. Morning times for yesterdays WOD averaged around 12 mins and this girl did the WOD in 6:13RX. I had to give it a shot knowing that we’re pretty even when it comes to Double Unders and OHS. At first look I thought the DL load for women was a little light at 135# but her 1RM DL is #305 so that means the workout was 45% of her 1RM. 185# DL for men was also around 45% of my 1RM.

3-2-1- GO!

The Outcome:

Aubi = 6:13

Omar = 7:10


O-Fit WOD for 02May2013:


– 5×2 Back Squat (Heavier than last week)


-10 min AMRAP-

Partner Up

#1. -10 Wall Balls (Pacesetter)

#2. – Max Hang Power Cleans (135#/95#)

*Your score will be how many Hang Power Cleans you perform*

1st Class – 6:30am

2nd Class – 5:30pm

3rd Class – 6:30pm



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