Bring 10 friends to a CFF class at Willows or The Compound and you will receive a FREE pair of Inov8s!

The only rule is they must pay either the drop-in rate or purchase a punch card/unlimited sessions.

Its just that easy!

You only have 23 days left so Sunday would be a good day to recruit!


Now info for our CFF Vegetarians.

Had a great question today: 

what if I’m vegetarian, and eat eggs and fish?  will this help me? can I do this?

absolutely.  we will discuss the importance of fat soluble factors found in certain animal meats and fats, but if you’re flexible enough to eat fish, eggs, and the healthy fats we’ll be recommending, you can no doubt put yourself on a path towards optimal health WITHOUT eating copious amounts of meats you don’t agree with.


This Challenge is not short term. Its meant to educate and hopefully give you a new outlook on the foods you are consuming.

I want to reiterate, this is not a quick weight loss plan or a 30-day diet.  this is a REAL FOOD approach that puts you on a path towards optimal health.  it will change your life for the rest of your life IF you give it a shot and embrace it for this challenge.  no calorie counting, no weighing, no portion control, no fretting over meal timing.  you’ll learn to eat intuitively.  and if you DO have weight to lose – WEIGHT LOSS IS AN AUTOMATIC SIDE EFFECT.  but more importantly, because we are pushing our bodies physically, it will be giving your body the nutrients it needs for optimal performance and optimal growth.

if you do NOT participate in this challenge – NO WORRIES!  with Omar’s approval, we will probably try to do this once every 3 to 6 months.



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