As you all know that during sessions I try to spend about 5 minutes (when time allows) to snap some photos of members in the middle of the workout. Lately I’ve been able to capture some really great, 100% organic photos of the team in action.

(above – Ian Clement@Clement23)

I find the photos to be VERY captivating. Captivating enough to spark others interest via social media, website and every other avenue visible to the public.

(below – Mark Gray@MarkGray33)







(left – Desiree Raney – Studio One)

I’ve been lucky enough to have such an amazing team of members that are beyond passionate about Camp Fit-Force that you guys are internally and without even knowing my best form of marketing.

The level of determination, intensity and hard work you guys have been putting into your training shows in your performance,appearance, everyday life and obviously through the photos.

So glad that I can capture those moments!      (above – Charlene Harrison – Sweet Tempered)

(above – Randi Hansen – Mother of 3)

Just want to thank you all for being super supportive and spreading the word to others through your passion and pride.


“High-5 Friday” O-Fit WOD for 20Apr2012::

Strap Work


As a team complete 4RFT::

-100m Sprint

-15 Wall Balls

-15 KB Swings

-5 Tire Flips

0630am class only


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  1. Aubi April 19, 2012 at 7:17 pm - Reply

    You are inspiring Omar and have made a difference in ALL of our lives <3

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