Summer is fast approaching and it will soon be time to whip out that swimwear and hit the pools. Don’t be left feeling insecure about your body or be “that guy” wearing a t-shirt in the water. The 10 week Camp Fit-Force Summer Body Challenge is programmed to get you the body you’ve been dreaming of.

Starting March 1st-March 11th will be the official weigh/check-in. You will have 10 days to attend any Camp Fit-Force session or class at The Compound in which we will perform body measurements. Weight, BodyFat % and Circumference measurements (females only) will be assessed.

At the 5 week mark we will weigh/check-in again to track progress. The dates to check-in will run for 5 days from April 8th-April 12th.

At the 10 week mark we will complete the FINAL weigh/check-in which will run for 5 days from May 6th- May 10th.

Weigh-in – Basic Scale, No shoes

Bodyfat % – 4 Skin fold method
Circumference (females only) – 7 locations: Neck, Chest, Biceps, Forearm, Waist, Hip, Upper Thigh, Calf.

-Male members will be judged on Bodyfat %/ Fat mass loss.

-Female members will be judged on weight loss, total amount of Bodyfat %/Fat mass lost and total # of inches lost
– “Fan Favorite”:: Members will also vote for who they think has made the most improvement.
– There will be 1 Male and 1 Female Winner along with the “Fan Favorite”

Male and Female Winner will receive an official Summer Body “Bundle”
– 10 Session Punch Card to The Compound ($90 value)
– 10 Session Punch to Camp Fit-Force ($110 value)
– $50 Visa Gift Card (towards swimwear)
– Entry to Las Vegas 5k May 12, 2012 ($35 value)
– Other “Summer” goodies

“Fan Favorite” will win some Custom CFF Threads!!

Get in the shape you want to be in now!


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