So before you eat Turkey, you gotta go HAM (Hard As A MuthaF*cka!)

Join us for our annual Thanksgiving Day Workout tomorrow – 8am at The Compound!

Feel a little less guilty about indulging at Dinner or for that matter the entire weekend with leftovers.

Here are a couple things to remember:

1. Drink tons of water and don’t snack all day

2. Chew your dam food! Chewing your food aids healthy digestion

3. Go easy on the alcohol. Lots of unwanted and wasted calories.

4. BE ACTIVE and start the day off with a workout! Camp Fit-Force style that is!

O-Fit Turkey Day WOD for 22Nov2012:

-Teams of 4-

A. 400m Farmers Carry (Timer)

B. Max Burpees (1 Partner at a time, after all 4 members complete burpee = 1 Rep)


A. 400m Barbell/Fireman Carry (Timer)

B. Max Reps 4 Point Box Jump (After each member completes 1 Box Jump = 1 Rep)


A. 200m Broad Jump (Timer)

B. Max Pushups (After each member completes 1 Pushup = 1 Rep for the team)


A. 800m Run (Timer)

B. Max Tire Flips

Class is at 8:00am

Encourage any of your friends to join!


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