Alright, so I was inspired to do a CFF “Week of Ink” post on the site from the numerous awesome tattoos I’ve seen lately at CFF.

Here it goes:

First show of ink comes from Co-Owner of Heritage Tattoo, Janell Neiman. Feel free to comment on its awesomeness and Janell will hopefully share with us all the story behind it.

Check out their FB here:

O-Fit WOD for 12Jun2012:

Now I know everyone has their favorite and least movements so I’m gonna give each class as a team the chance to create your very own WOD!

Here are the rules:

Rep scheme must total the following reps 200, 140, 80, 40 broken up between as many movements of your choice

– WOD must have at least 1.5 miles of total running (2400 meters)

– Class must work together as a team as you will have no longer than 10 minutes to create the WOD.

– Keep it fun and be creative!

6:30am and 5:30pm class!


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  1. Janell Neiman June 11, 2012 at 6:32 pm - Reply

    So obviously, this piece is unfinished and still in the “outline” stage… I promised the artist (Josh Wilcox) that I would explain that hahah. So anyways, I am an avid fan and admirer of all things artistic and as a result the tattoos that I acquire are less about me and more about the person applying it and the inspiration it was created from. This particular piece, as with most of my pieces, was inspired by an artist that goes by Berkley Illustration ( I came across a few work while perusing and fell in love with their playfulness. Sloths are my favorite animals and I thought it would be great to pay homage to them. Josh, who is an amazing artist (and brother-in-law, as well as my husband’s former apprentice) was able to take inspiration from the original artist and add in components that I love as well as components that make the piece his own and turn it into what you see above. I can’t wait to get it finished but as a non-paying customer I have to find a way to bribe my way into an appointment slot 🙂 JOKING! As it is a work in progress I hope to be able to share the final result on a wonderfully tone and rock hard calf as a result of Omar’s and the crew and members of the CFF team’s expert training! Thanks!!!

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